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TAG Sensors is a new member of SNCC

TAG Sensors was established in 2012 and has since then developed a complete solution for cold chain management. TAG Sensors develops the first ultra-low-cost, disposable, fully automatic and customizable temperature logger in the market, to “light up” product packaging (IoT); enabling time, temperature, and location measurement. The TAG Sensors solution include Big data analysis, digitalization, blockchain, sensor technology, and RFID and NFC compliance.

TAG Sensors is in process of merging with a Singapore-based company, and will soon establish a sales and service office in Singapore. The new office is established on the back of a global rollout contract with McDonalds.

-This is new territory for us, and we would like to be part of SNCC to develop new business connections in Singapore and establish a relevant network, says Managing Director Knyt Nygård. He hopes being part of SNCC will help make TAG Sensors more visible in Asia, which is a large market for TAG Sensor’s product and solution.

TAG Sensors aims to become the global standard in cold chain integrity measurement and analytics; identifying, and ultimately reducing product waste in the food and pharma industry.