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SNCC & Oslo Børs Event: Deal-making in Asia: Update on the Financial Markets in Singapore and the Asia Pacific Region

On Monday, February 12th, SNCC and Oslo Børs marked the beginning of the week with the “Deal Making in Asia” event, held at the iconic, 200-year-old Oslo Stock Exchange building. This morning seminar brought together 50 participants, offering a unique combination of networking opportunities and insightful presentations that highlighted the business opportunities and developments in the Asia-Pacific markets.



Following a sociable breakfast, the seminar presented an agenda filled with expert insights into macro trends, market opportunities, and the potential within Singapore and Asia at large.

Erik Borgen, Chairman of SNCC, opened the seminar with a welcoming address, setting the tone for a day of valuable insights. The day’s speakers, Øivind Amundsen, Joachim Jaeger Skorge, and Nicolai Hansteen, each provided comprehensive explorations of their respective fields of expertise:

  • Øivind Amundsen, CEO of Euronext Oslo Børs & Member of the Managing Board of Euronext, presented the IPO possibilities for Asian companies at Euronext Oslo Børs
  • Joachim Jaeger Skorge, Managing Director and Regional Head of Asia-Pacific at DNB Markets Singapore, offered strategic insights into the business environment and deal trends in Singapore and the broader Asia-Pacific, from an investment banking perspective.
  • Nicolai Hansteen, Business Director Bulk & Tank at DNV Maritime, presented a macro-economic overview of the region, highlighting critical sectors like shipping, offshore, and renewables.

A key insight from the seminar was the recognition of Asia’s market growth and the potential it presents for business and investments. The discussions further explored how various sectors, including energy, maritime, and seafood, could act as channels for enhancing investments in the Asia-Pacific region. The seminar underscored the importance of strategic engagement and an in-depth understanding of market dynamics for success in the rapidly changing environment of international trade and investment.

The SNCC and Oslo Børs extend their appreciation to the speakers, attendees, and all contributors to the event’s success. For those interested in exploring the opportunities discussed or participating in future seminars, SNCC invites inquiries at secretariat@sncc.no. As the global market landscape continues to shift, forums like “Deal Making in Asia” are crucial for navigating the complexities of international commerce and laying the groundwork for future collaboration.