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SNCC partners with Smart Energy Network

Ragnvald Nærø

Ragnvald Nærø, CEO, Smart Energy Network

It is our pleasure to announce that SNCC has teamed up with Smart Energy Network (SEN).

– SNCC is very pleased to be a partner of SEN, hoping to develop business opportunities in Singapore also for SEN members, says Erik Borgen, Chairman of SNCC.

Smart Energy Network (SEN) is a membership organization based in Norway. The network consists of around 40 partners and members among leading companies in the energy sector – as well as organizations and entities with interest in smart energy development. SEN has an international focus and arranges study tours frequently. The vision of SEN is to inspire change, to develop members’ and partners’ businesses. Recently, the network organized a study tour to Singapore, and in addition, SEN has a close collaboration with NTU Ecolabs in Singapore.

There is a lot to learn from Singapore when it comes to energy, particularly when it comes to Singapore’s Smart City strategy and big data analysis. Due to this, a cooperation between SNCC and SEN will lead to an even broader selection of interesting meetings and events for our members.

– Singapore Smart Nation is unique in the world since they have a multidisciplinary approach to smart energy, smart building, smart transport, smart water and waste and smart health, says Ragnvald Nærø, CEO of SEN. – Singapore avoids sector thinking which is too common in all other societies. Therefore, we can learn from Singapore, but also connect with companies and entities to develop new business solutions.

– We always look for what is new and for smarter solutions. We hope that members of Smart Energy Network will be inspired by taking part in SNCC’s meetings and hopefully also connect with members of SNCC in both countries, says Nærø.