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SNCC welcomes FutureBoards as a new member

– While companies and capital markets become more and more globalised and integrated, standards for good corporate governance remain shaped by local ownership structures and founded on national legislation, culture and traditions. By exchanging knowledge and insight on corporate governance topic, including women on boards, we aim to arrive at a common ground and a common understanding of how and by whom our companies should be governed in the future, says Turid Solvang, founder and CEO of FutureBoards.

FutureBoards, which is a global network of corporate governance experts and practitioners, works to raise awareness, drive the debate and develop good practice for how and by whom companies should be governed in the future while ensuring long-term value creation for all stakeholders.

Solvang considers both Singapore and the ASEAN as extremely relevant areas for FutureBoards, and being a member of SNCC ensures that FutureBoards is updated on latest developments within the business sector.

-SNCC provides an excellent platform for sharing knowledge and insight into the region, as well as valuable networking opportunities, Solvang says.


Far away but similar

Solvang also have a personal relationship with the region.

– Ever since my first visit to Singapore in 1989, I have been fascinated by the country as well as the region. Although Norway is both far away and covers an area well over 500 times larger than Singapore, we do share some basic similarities: Both countries have roughly 5 million inhabitants. Both have a highly educated population, and a strong economy. We also share some basic political and social values, such as high trust. Also, the fact that all 3 of my children have chosen to go to school here, probably both confirms Singapore’s familiarity and adds to its attraction for me personally. I see the welcome my children have met here, half a world away from home, as an indication of an inclusive society, which sets an example for how different cultures can live in harmony, Solvang says.