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Annual meeting of the Singapore Norway Chamber of Commerce (SNCC) 13th June 2018

 We refer to our earlier announced event : «Handelskrig truer – hva skjer med Norge og landene i Sørøst- Asia ?»       

Date and timing :13th June 8:30-10:00, breakfast from 8:00

At :Næringslivets Hus (NHO), Middelthunsgate 27, Majorstuen, Oslo                                                   

Following the above seminar at about 10.15 hrs, we will conduct a short Annual meeting in order to formalize the approval of the 2016/17 Accounts for SNCC, and to reelect the SNCC Board for another year.

As you may recall at the Annual meeting held only recently at the end of 2017, we changed the statutes to a) that we have to conduct the Annual meeting within June of each year and to approve the Accounts then and b) the Board is also up for election then.

Since we are in the startup period and the Board was only elected 6 months ago, we suggest to the Annual meeting to reelect the Board for another year.

We hope you have time to come to both the Seminar arranged together with NHO as well as the short Annual Meeting.

Should you not have time to come to the Event and/or the Annual meeting,  it is important that you send us a Proxy as enclosed before June 8th, so that we can have a quorum.

We look forward to see you soon.

Any questions please refer to Carina at secretariat@sncc.no / 93032970 or the undersigned at erikborgen10@gmail.com / 93054259